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2010 March Archive | Patrick Chan

Monthly Archives: March 2010

End of Season and End of Cheerios
Reigning World Silver Medallist! That has a nice ring to it.  It was a fantastic way to end the season and he's now got the entire summer to train and be even better next season!  Patrick will be back in Toronto for a bit although he will be taking some trips here and there.  His main thing for the next few months is an Asia trip to visit his family and relatives in Singapore.  Hopefully he'll be able to get much needed rest then. So for the Cheerios Contest, the last day to submit your questions...
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Difficult season ends well for Chan
A silver medal for Patrick Chan at the world figure skating championships last night felt like gold, he said after atoning for a frustrating season of injury and disappointment. The 19-year-old skater from Toronto had to endure hardships all season -illness, his first major injury, being unprepared for the Skate Canada Grand Prix event last November, skating badly, and trying to play catch-up all Olympic season. "From the beginning at Skate Canada, it got better and better," Chan said. "I've been learning so much. I think this is by far the most challenging season. The...
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The Plain Truth from Patrick Chan
Turin, Italy -- Refreshing. That's the way Patrick Chan is - refreshingly honest.  And he discusses matters in such a way that he separates himself from most other elite athletes out there. "It stinks," he said of his fifth-place finish at the Vancouver Olympics.  "Then it settles in and you understand that you're not the only star here Patrick.  You're not the only one working his butt off to get somewhere." That qualifies as an epiphany. Click Here to Read More. ...
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Off to Torino for Worlds!
Hey Everyone! If there's anyone out there like me who was obsessed with the Olympics, the red mittens, and all the hype that surrounded it than you'll all feel like life has gotten way too monotonous since then.  Regular tv just doesn't cut it anymore and even my favorite tv shows have lost its luster compared to the reality and the raw emotion that the Olympics had.  Another four years! Don't steal my idea but I intend to search for hotel rooms and flight tickets sometime soon for SOCHI 2014! Anyways, Patrick is off to Italy today....
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