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En Route to Vancouver!

En Route to Vancouver!

Finally en route to Vancouver to see Patty skate tomorrow! It is still unbelievable that he’s at the Olympics, and he’s going to have the skate of his life in T-1 day! Okay maybe not unbelievable but more surreal since its something we’ve all expected to happen but never really realized how fast this day would come.  Following Patrick’s twitter is really interesting, apparently he had a much larger standing ovation after his practice than most people do at other events! imagine the roar of the crowd tomorrow night!

Story of the day, of course since I’m leaving for Vancouver, I’m decked out head to toe in either Olympic gear or something red.  Crossing security, my bag was inspected and the lady then chatted up with me about the Olympics and Patrick.  She saw that I had my multitude of gadgets in my bag and asked if I was a photographer (which I’m not.) We then launched into a five minute conversation about how she saw this figure skater on tv and was rooting for him.  Naturally it was Patrick and of course I did express how proud I was about my best friend.  It’s funny how he’s a local celebrity (or national) since he’s always just been that goofy kid that eats my food and is somehow amazing at all sports (he plays golf, soccer, tennis, skiing, and others as well!).  Hopefully it doesn’t get to his head. LOL

Anyways, I’ll try to document what my Vancouver experience is like.  I’ll talk about the transportation, the energy levels, quotes from Patrick’s mom, etc.  I’m not sure how much access I will get to Patrick before he skates but hopefully I do get to see him after.  Stay tuned for more!