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Fifth! I'll Take It!

Fifth! I'll Take It!

For his first Olympic debut he comes fifth? I’m definitely happy! He can proudly boast that he is fifth in the WORLD!

I was definitely nervous walking into the rink yesterday.  A lot more subdued than when I first went in during the short.  Arriving an hour early, there was a lot of time to build up anticipation and nerves. I was more focused on watching skating, (and neglected twitter).  It was cool though, I sat next to the girls from General Mills, one of which created the Cheerios cereal box with Patty’s face.  Pretty cool to give them a running commentary of the event as well as answer any questions they might have about skating and scoring.

The first axel Patrick did was amazing! I was feeling good and really his Phantom routine is ridiculously hard! If anyone else were to skate that program they would be out of breath by the middle, without jumps! That’s how hard it is! I’m sure I don’t need to recap the routine since it will probably be on youtube but I can definitely tell you that I could finally breathe after he skated.  I’m incredibly pleased with his skate.

I had a good chat with his mom after the event.  We both came to an agreement that Patrick should now realize what he is capable of.  Even with flaws in his routine he managed to come fifth which shows that he does have the capability for greatness.  He isn’t far at all from winning gold and with a little more training and focus for another four years, he is well positioned to really achieve his dream! (I’m also extremely happy that Evan won btw, he’s my second favorite).  A little more hard work and more experience and Patty will get there, I’m sure! What an Olympic Experience!

Off again to explore the city! I’ll be hanging out with the Chan’s tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to get inside Patty’s head and fill you in with more details about his experience.  Till then!