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Off to Torino for Worlds!

Off to Torino for Worlds!

Hey Everyone!

If there’s anyone out there like me who was obsessed with the Olympics, the red mittens, and all the hype that surrounded it than you’ll all feel like life has gotten way too monotonous since then.  Regular tv just doesn’t cut it anymore and even my favorite tv shows have lost its luster compared to the reality and the raw emotion that the Olympics had.  Another four years! Don’t steal my idea but I intend to search for hotel rooms and flight tickets sometime soon for SOCHI 2014!

Anyways, Patrick is off to Italy today.  Talked to him last night and he said that he’s been training really well and has been feeling really good about his skating.  Aside from some “silly” mistakes that he made in Vancouver he said that he has overcome them and is looking forward to Italy.  If your from Canada, don’t forget to watch him next Wednesday live on either CBCSports.ca or CBC Bold.  You can even judge the event yourself at Skatebuzz! Patrick will be taking his camera along so hopefully he will give us some behind the scenes stuff again like he did for Vancouver (which by the way there are more to come).

Just in case you haven’t seen the video yet, we have launched a new (yet small) contest for all of Patrick’s fans.  Basically, he has read several questions over the past month and promises to respond to them.  However please send in your questions through fan mail or commenting and try to be extremely unique!  The most interesting question will win a signed box of Cheerios! (and yes you will get the cereal inside it as well)

Side Note: Yesterday was St. Patty’s day and I received this awesome fan mail for Patrick.  Such a cute story that I thought I had to share it.

Yesterday, when our 5 yr old woke up I told him it was St. Patrick’s Day – that it was a “holiday” and we would wear green…he went along with it all. Later in the day he asked me when we were going to see Patrick Chan skate, confused I said I didn’t know. (Our kids both recently met Patrick at the Olympics) Throughout the day he would ask the question repeatedly. In the evening, we were shopping and he saw all the green gear for St. Patrick’s Day – he was so excited and wanted to buy some for “St. Patrick Chan Day”!! He was convinced that we were going to see Patrick skate and that we were to celebrate all day!! March 17th will be Patrick Chan day in our house!

Thanks Kristy for sharing your story! Anyways, stayed tuned for more updates and keep sending in your questions!

– Aivory