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Vancouver: Day 1

Vancouver: Day 1

Hey Chiddy Fans!

What a day! (Eh? Because we are in Canada after all) This has been quite a day so I’ll recap what Vancouver is like right now.  Arriving at the airport you see so much Olympic Pride sprawled out on every wall and every corner.  The accreditation station is located inside the airport itself which is pretty cool! I really have to commend VANOC and Translink for the ease of transportation moving in and around Vancouver.  The trains are straight forward and get you everywhere and the buses are also very convenient.  From where I’m staying in Burnaby to Downtown or the Pacific Coliseum it has been a breeze, accessibility wise.  I’ll follow this up with some pictures.

Walking around downtown Burrard is walking in a sea of red and white.  Never have I seen such Canadian pride before, it really is an amazing experience! (Plus, Vancouver really is the home of food.  I found a restaurant I wanted to eat at on every corner! I settled with Guu on Thurlow though, which was a fantastic choice!) Anyways, getting back to the point at hand.

First day of the Men’s competition.  I was so nervous walking into the PNE (could also be because there were policemen just walking around everywhere!) It’s funny, walking downtown, all you see is red and white but walking into the Pacific Coliseum all you see is sky blue! All the volunteers and anyone from VANOC is wearing that light blue color.

I’ve been in skating for a long time and never have I been that interested in the first group of a competition.  However, this competition was so different.  I am actually in awe of how amazing today’s skating was.  I have never seen that many clean programs at an international competition before! Notable mentions go to Florent Amodio who started off the competition on a high note.  Denis Ten was also another crowd favorite as was Daisuke Takahashi and Evan Lysacek.  I am very aware that there have been several other amazing skates but for me, those ones were my favorite.  Now about Patrick’s skate.  Yes he has definitely skated better days and even his axel during the warm up was a lot more spectacular than the one he did in competition.  However, he is sitting in seventh place which isn’t that far from the podium at all! I still have a lot of hope in him and I’m resting on the fact that he usually delivers when he has too.  I have so much faith in this kid, not only because he is my best friend but also because I know how much this means to him as well.  So I’m not worried and really I am so so proud of him for getting here to Vancouver as well!  It really is his dream come true to be able to skate on Olympic Ice!! Let’s keep cheering him on Canada! #Chancan!

I’ll keep updating from Vancouver as the week progresses with all the exciting events and news! Till tomorrow!

– Aivory