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Vancouver's Home Stretch

Vancouver's Home Stretch

Final Leg of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games! and we got a Gold from Scott and Tessa!

I would like to point out that when I first watched Scott and Tessa perform their free dance at Thornhill back in August 2009, I did mention that the routine was potentially the gold-medal winning performance!

Prior to leaving Vancouver on Saturday I was able to have lunch with the Chan’s and catch up a little. Patrick’s mom Karen and I have a mutual love for crabs, especially fried crabs cooked in garlic.  The both of us can sit for hours and literally just pick at the crabs until they’re clean.  Anyways, so we all met up at this restaurant downtown called Tropika for their crab selection.  It’s also been a while since Patty ate anything remotely “bad” for him so I guess we can splurge a little.

It was cool just catching up.  He told me about the athlete village and how massive his space is! (He’s rooming with Bryce, Scott, and Vaughn, can anyone hear DANGER?) LOL The bathrooms are huge apparently and they have waterfall showers which is really cool.  I told him to take a video of his space so hopefully he does that soon! He also showed me his accreditation and the coolest thing about it is this tiny coke id that basically allows the athletes to swipe at any vending machine in the city and get free pop!

The star athletes and notable figures he’s met so far include Alex Bilodeau, Sidney Crosby and Michael Buble.  I can’t remember the story of meeting Crosby exactly although I remember an elevator somewhere. I’ll ask again.  What was refreshing though was that even after all that hype and celebrity status that Patty has now acquired, deep down he’s still the same guy.  We still talk about the same things we always have and eat the same stuff.  He still struggles with eating his crabs and loves his rice. Getting him through Robson street though was an experience and a half.  That’s when he gets swarmed although he really does take the time out to smile for everyone and take photos.

I’m going to work on getting Patrick a form.spring account so that he can answer your questions directly when he has a chance.  He’s still in Vancouver this week enjoying the rest of the Olympics before he starts training again!

Side Note: Best of Luck to Joannie Tonight! Your mom would be proud!

– Aivory